Saturday, 19 October 2013


After being closed for a little over a week, the 'Greyhound' in Hinckley re-opened last night as a significantly improved hostelry.
While it remains up for sale, Marston's finally appear to have realised that no one was going to be interested in buying a dirty pub with undrinkable beer and frequented by alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals. Their answer to this conundrum has been to send the previous management packing and to bring in the tenant of a successful local house together with an experienced temporary manager. After a week of cleaning, including resolving such issues as filthy pipes and a glass washer clogged up with mould and filth, and getting rid of beer so old that it had separated in the barrel, the pub is now back in business and promises to be a much better place than it's been for quite some time. The undesirable element has gone and won't be returning.
Last night, customers were treated to friendly service and good beer, for the first time in a while. Long may it continue.

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