Saturday, 18 January 2014


Having a look at the Marston's website today I discovered that another Hinckley pub is now up for sale.

The "Dog & Gun" isn't one of the town's more desirable hostelries and I've only ever been there once - that was more than enough. It generally doesn't open until late evening and then stays open until the early hours of the morning; quite who are its regular customers is a question better left unasked, let alone unanswered.

Nonetheless, it appears that Marston's are now 'inviting offers' for this pub, though what takers there'll get is anyone's guess. It's not well placed, being on a busy junction and it's also on the edge of what passes for the town centre, away from casual passers by and also from the proposed town centre development. I don't think it's one I'd be interested in !

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